Why Us?

At Systango we work with start ups, small to medium size firms trying to get their business online, who either are looking for technology partners for expansion / speeding up or for developing a prototype to know feasibility of their product. We know how crucial investment decisions are for them and we know that software development is piece of cake if done with technical expertise coupled with sound software engineering practices whereas disastrous money pit if not taken cared of correctly.

With singular focus on “Highest return on Investment” for our clients, we offer:

  • Accountable and action oriented approach
  • Targeted development with high focus on milestones
  • Domain and Technology Expertise
  • End to end software development services
  • Client Relationship Manager overseeing the client account
  • Offsite – Onsite Development
  • Reasonable hourly rates
  • Online tools to monitor development & progress
  • Commitment to deliver best possible solution in the given timeframe

We bring in young and highly competent team where each member brings something different and unique to the table. We co-invest with our clients by focusing on rigorous training and development of our team which helps us in reducing time to develop and adapt new technologies. This in turn gives highest returns to our clients on investments made.