Development Methodology

At Systango we believe that with technical expertise, coupled with sound software engineering processes, software development is piece of cake whereas disastrous money pit if not taken cared of correctly.
Suiting to our client’s needs and budget, we develop optimal software solution – from GUI applications to sophisticated engines and programming complexes.
Our key competitive advantages in the software development arena are our blend of offsite – onsite resources. Our onsite experts work with offsite team to ensure successful completion of your project. This means you get all the quality, face-to-face, personal service that your project demands while taking advantage of a global resource pool giving you cost effective solution without compromising quality.

Principal directions of our development activities are as follows:

  • Blend of offsite-onsite resources
  • Early and ongoing user involvement via screen designs and use-case analysis
  • Detailed specifications for a project as deliverable.
  • Use popular, best and cutting edge technologies optimal for the project from technical and financial point of view
  • Feature Driven Design as well as Iterative Design – Prototypes and demo versions creation.
  • System planning (selection of architecture, creation of interaction protocols and technical specifications for separate modules, etc.)
  • System implementation (creation of specifications for system modules, implementation / coding, QA)
  • Technical Documentation (system architecture documentation, source code detailed description
  • End-user documentation (user manuals, troubleshooting guide, installation guide, etc.)
  • Product support (implementation of extra features, source code consulting, etc.)