Data Mining

Experience and expertise are implicit requirement of Data Mining. We have both. We have developed various customized mining scripts; tailored to specific needs of our clients.

Data mining can take various forms and we do the following:

  • Content / Data Extraction : crawling and extracting / fetching content from partners, affiliates and business for further processing.
  • Business Intelligence : reading and extracting content to propose solutions such as, deriving suggestions on the basis of user activity, mining and hunting for relevant suggestions in various open source repositories like Wikipedia, mass media sites such as YouTube etc. This lets business do targeted and customized advertisement as per client’s online behavior.
  • Data Mining Research : Intelligently mining huge data set to support quick and effective decision making. We specialize in mining different data, pattern observation in order to achieve various purposes such as understanding and interpolating stock movements to do technical analysis.
  • Understand online behavior of users and use this pattern to intelligently suggest relevant ideas
  • Mine your employees online behavior to describe a pattern and suggest ways to improve efficiency.
  • Web Data Mining :reading web, showing result and proposing appropriate solution, such as, we developed an application where articles were mined for certain keywords, they were ranked based upon an algorithm and new articles were getting associated with them based on the ranking for “auto-suggest” feature.
  • Meta Data Extraction
  • Quality Assurance Crawlers : don’t ask your customers to give you the feedback on your application / system; crawlers will do it for you.